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Lost data on your server?

Hyland Technologies can help you recover it!

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Hyland Technologies offers a wide range of cost-effective support plans
to help you meet your business objectives.

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Hard drive crash?!

Let Hyland Technologies recover your lost data!

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We make housecalls!

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Hyland Technologies comes to your home to help you set up and maintain your home network.

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World Class Data Recovery Services
Since 1993, Hyland Technologies has been a leader in data recovery. Fully subscribed to the standards of excellence of the recovery industry, Hyland Technologies consistently provides the finest and most innovative recovery services for all media including hard drives, servers, RAID, NAS, DLT, all tapes and all removable media.

The 7 Most Common Symptoms of Data Loss
and what you can do to get it back!

  1. Hard drive is clicking
  2. System "blue-screens"
  3. Drive is not formatted
  4. Computer keeps rebooting
  5. System freezes or hangs
  6. Drive or device not found
  7. No operating system found

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RAID Recovery Services

recoverybenchRely on our professionals to get you back in action quickly and reliably. Our clients are testament to our capability to deliver on our promise to restore your downed RAID Array Systems, so critical to your business.  Typical situations of RAID Data Loss in Server Hard disks, NAS, or RAID Arrays are:

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